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Customer Journey-related Posts

How to Succeed as an Emerging Markets MSP

The challenges, opportunities, and insights gained in a specialized market transcend its unique footprint and can be used as a guide for success.

Bigleaf Network's Unique Approach to SD-WAN

SD-WAN is changing the world for the average customer and I am always interested to see how successful companies use this market trend to their advantage.

6 Simple Ways UC Can Improve Your Customer’s Experience

Even in the age of the Internet, most contact with a business is still made via telephone. What can your business do to optimize these opportunities?

Understanding Toll-Free Numbers

Businesses realized that they would attract more calls if they offered to pay the toll cost for calling their number. This is how those numbers work.

Understanding the ATA

Analog Telephony Adapters can bring analog equipment into your UC system by changing the way it connects to the network. Here is how they work.

Understanding Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet (POE) devices offer greater flexibility in placement due to their integrated power source.
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