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How The Cloud Changed Everything

Clark Peterson, board member of Cloud Communication Alliance, talks about how the telecommunication world has changed as the cloud started to become more omnipresent.

The Evolving Role of the CIO

A company’s Chief Information Officer has a lot on its plate and always has. But unlike other C-suite titles, it seems like this one’s role changes every quarter.

What should Avaya VARs do next?

With Avaya securing the merger with Ringcentral, what should VARs who use Avaya be prepared to do?

The Next Step in Convergence

Phil Edholm of BCStrategies sat down with Mike Cromwell and Dave Gilbert, and the talk quickly went toward the topic of convergence in the communication arena.

UCBuyer TV - Phil Edholm

Phil Edholm of BCStrategies talks to UCBuyer TV about a wide array of topics in this video. He brings his knowledge to the discussion with Dave Gilbert and Mike Cromwell.

6 Key Benefits of Outsourcing your NOC

Instead of shouldering the burden of an expensive Network Operations Center (NOC) on site, more and more enterprises are choosing to outsource this work.
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