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Has the Workplace Been Forever Changed by COVID-19?  Broadsoft’s Founder Shares His Perspective

Broadsoft founder Michael Tessler took some time to reflect on the nearly two decades he invested in transforming the communications industry.

Remote Worker Emergency Business Continuity ‘Must-Haves’

With cloud-based communications, your business can continue to function as normally as possible through trying times.

Five Things Great Managers Do Before Leaving Their Telephony Provider

You can ease the transition to a new telephony provider by performing some legwork upfront. Here is some advice about what to have ready.

3 Options for an Open Source Unified Communications (UC) Solution

Here are three established Open Source Unified Communications platforms to consider when looking into UC.

Educated Buyers and Their Opportunities

More so than in years before, buyers can approach everything from automobiles to Internet service armed with education. As a business, how should you prepare to handle educated customers?

How The Cloud Changed Everything

Clark Peterson, board member of Cloud Communication Alliance, talks about how the telecommunication world has changed as the cloud started to become more omnipresent.
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