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Voice-related Posts

How Administrators Use Psychology With Auto Attendants

Auto attendants are intended to be a method of directing calls through a menu so the caller picks the best path for their need. An announcement will be given that should instruct the color of their options, and then they can pick the most appropriate one, but sometimes people are impatient.

Choosing the Best Resource for Training Your Target Audience

Technology is found in every corner of modern life. Technology is abundant, with ever changing systems and processes seemingly proceeding without end. Technology is difficult for some to learn, and each iteration of a new application or device earns another battle with the idea of adoption.

How Much Bandwidth Does Your Network Need to Support UCaaS

We will show you why you need the proper amount of bandwidth when you add UCaaS to your system.

3 Myths Managers and Companies Need to Know About Remote Working

Some companies, typically larger ones such as IBM and State Farm, have moved a portion of their workforce off of the central work sites, either by having employees work from home or by placing them in co-working spaces, such as collaboration rooms

Empowering Supervisors to Assist Contact Center Agents Cross Platform

Many businesses have multiple contact centers, not all on the same software platform. Making sure supervisor's can help all agents cross-platform is key.

Why Small Businesses Should Switch to SIP Trunks

Big companies have been reaping the benefits of SIP for years, but what about SMBs? Here's why SIP makes sense for small businesses.
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