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Enventis expands cloud services to include Wi-Fi and UC

Posted by The UC Buyer

Jun 23, 2014

Enventis, formerly known as HickoryTech, expanded its business cloud services to include a cloud Wi-Fi service, a hosted unified communications service called Cloud Compute and a data protection service. In addition, the company is expanding its SingleLink UC service, which was first introduced about 12 years ago.

Enventis' Cloud Wifi helps businesses manage mobile devices and applications by letting companies control their wireless network via a single dashboard that has automated network monitoring and alerts. The Cloud Compute service gives businesses of all sizes access to Enventis' storage and server equipment for data storage.

The Data Protection service is a managed solution with integrated backup and disaster recovery. Enventis said it will ensure that critical data is not compromised, which helps mitigate company risk and provide relief to the IT department.

Finally, Enventis expanded its SingleLink UC service so it now offers features such as unified messaging, video, visual voicemail, instant messaging and mobile applications.

These product launches and updates are part of Enventis' quest to become an enterprise-centric service provider instead of a voice-centric telco. The company has acquired a number of regional providers, including Enventis in 2006. In addition, it acquired CP Telecom and Fargo, N.D.-based IdeaOne in 2012.

HickoryTech earlier this year received shareholder approval to change its name to Enventis and rebrand itself in its telecom markets of southern Minnesota and northwest Iowa. The new name reflects the service provider's ongoing quest to be a broadband and business-centric service provider and not just another small town voice-centric telco.

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