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Digital Samba Launches New Version of OnSync (4.3.1.) - Over 50 New Features, Improvements, Large Webinar Support and More

Posted by The UC Buyer

Feb 27, 2015

Digital Samba Extends OnSync With Offline Recordings, Suppport for Large Webinars and over 50 new features and improvements
OnSync now allows hosting of webinars with over 500 participants and gives customers the ability to watch recordings offline or distribute them in a Learning Management System.
BARCELONA, SPAIN – January 25, 2014 – Digital Samba has released version 4.3.1 of their OnSync web conferencing system. OnSync enables users to schedule webinars, virtual classroom or meetings. OnSync can be used in the cloud or locally hosted, with options of complete white-labeling

“We are constantly improving OnSync based on feedback from our customers” explains Robert Strobl, CMO of Digital Samba. “The new offline recordings for instance has been one of the most requested features by organisers of webinars or virtual classrooms. A recording can now be permanently stored and integrated into a learning management system. Recordings have always been one of our strongest features since they remain interactive and record everything on screen, not just voice and screen like some of our competitors, and I’m very proud that we’ve been able to extend this level excellence”. 

The new version of OnSync delivers more than 50 new features, improvements and fixes. The most important are:
  • Download recordings for offline viewing or distribution via an LMS or DVD.
  • Improved logging of recordings, capturing events such as start of break out rooms.
  • Improved recording reliability.
  • Service plan management via the API.
  • New lobby background image to give users waiting to join a nicer, branded experience.
  • Ability to disable teleconference for Enterprise Server customers.
A full list of changes can be seen on Digital Samba’s website at the 4.3.0 and 4.3.1release notes. 
“Webinars are now a corner stone of any modern marketing campaign. As such we are seeing huge increases in the number of people that join these types of broadcasts” adds Robert Strobl. “This is a particularly interesting segment for us and we are focused on supporting webinars of over 1500 participants, while maintaining full interactivity. The worlds of web conferencing, video conferencing and web casting are starting to meld, it’s a very exciting time.” 

The release provides more options to the customer to configure OnSync to their needs. Clients with a large number of connected participants, will notice the significant performance improvement. 

Offline Recordings

Digital Samba has introduced one of the most requested features, the ability to download recordings and view them offline, or distribute via 3rd party media.
Watching a recording offline, using the new OnSync offline recordings feature.
Lobby Welcome Screen
OnSync now features a friendly image during waiting time in a webinar’s lobby. White label customers can brand this image. 
OnSync customer waiting to join a webinar in the lobby.

About Digital Samba
Digital Samba is the leading developer of the award-winning OnSync Enterprise Server web conferencing solution. OnSync is used by customers to run large webinars, virtual classrooms, meet, present, train and demonstrate to small or large groups with unrivaled voice-over-IP and live video quality. Share files, slide presentations, desktop, & more. OnSync is entirely browser-based, cross-platform and mobile. OnSync is available for resale as a full-feature white-label web conferencing solution. For more information, or a live demonstration of OnSync online meetings, visithttp://www.digitalsamba.com or connect with us on Twitter and Facebook

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Media Contact:
Robert Strobl
Email: rs@digitalsamba.com
Tel: +34 93 18 55 510

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