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Understanding the ATA

Analog Telephony Adapters can bring analog equipment into your UC system by changing the way it connects to the network. Here is how they work.

Addressing MPLS vs Over-the-Top and other UC & UCaaS Quality of Service Questions

Looking at MPLS vs Over-the-Top solutions when it comes to UC and UCaaS deployments. Who needs to focus on what and why?

Managers Create Their Own Private Internet with SD-WAN

A Software-Defined WAN allows any Internet service to link the varied locations together via cloud-based software, rather than on-premise firmware.

Security Concerns Driving Businesses, Service Providers Towards Virtual SBC's

Businesses looking to virtual Session Border Controllers and SBCaaS as security concerns increase. Right-sizing the solution is critical.

Are GPUs the Answer to Scaling Media Processing in the Cloud

How GPUs are helping solve the challenge of processing real time media in a virtualized or cloud environment.

Why Small Businesses Should Switch to SIP Trunks

Big companies have been reaping the benefits of SIP for years, but what about SMBs? Here's why SIP makes sense for small businesses.
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