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All About UC and The Cloud

What Managers Need to Know About Cloud Based Call Recording

Call recording has been a component of office phone lines for decades. Useful for gathering information about the calls themselves, and to do quality assurance checks on employees that represent your company, call recording provides a mechanism to go back in time and review an interaction.

How Effective Leaders Reclaim Time with Technology

Mobility refers to any application developed for a mobile device that facilitates business outside of a typical office environment. By using the portable power found in modern smartphones, a lot of the work that just a few years ago could only be done on a PC can be done in the palm of your hand.

Are GPUs the Answer to Scaling Media Processing in the Cloud

How GPUs are helping solve the challenge of processing real time media in a virtualized or cloud environment.

What You Need to Know About Open Source Unified Communications. Podcast with eZuce

Podcast discussing the business and technical case for Open Source Unified Communications, featuring The UC Buyer and eZuce CEO Jerry Stabile.

Testing the Readiness of Your Network Prior to UCaaS Deployment

One of the biggest risks facing a UCaaS or hosted UC deployment is a corporate network that is not up to the task. This podcast addresses how to avoid that.

Virtual SBC and SBCaaS Options: The Market is Coming Into Focus

Three options for cloud-based Session Border Controllers (SBC) as the Network Function Virtualization market continues to accelerate
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