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What You Need to Know About Open Source Unified Communications. Podcast with eZuce

Posted by Kevin Gulley

Sep 26, 2016


Open Source UC is consistently one of the most searched for terms on The UC Buyer.  We dig in deeper in this information packed interview with Jerry Stabile, CEO and Founder of Commercial Open Source UC vendor, eZuce.

We discuss the benefits and challenges of Open Source UC, the types of companies that it is right for, and virutalization, cloud and UCaaS implications.  We also look at how the SipXCom open source project community is working to keep up with the breakneck speed of change in the communications industry.  

If your business is considering UC and looking at Open Source as an option, this podcast is definitely worth your time on the way to or from work.  Don't forget to subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes or via RSS.

Topics: cloud, Business Case, Unified Communications,, UCaaS, Open Source, Podcast, Phones

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