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What the CompTIA Show Means for MSPs

Posted by Dave Gilbert

Sep 10, 2019

At the 2019 Comptia show in Las Vegas, I had a chance to catch Rory Jackson, IT Consultant at Syber Networks to talk about CompTIA and what it brings for Managed Service Providers.

CompTIA excels at building a spirit of cooperation, which is no surprise considering the array of products they offer. Rory appreciates the networking opportunities he gets at this show, “they’ve helped me immensely just on the sheer fact of the networking with everyone else around you.” The CompTIA shows “are a huge collaboration event on multiple levels.” This resolves into a single word, according to Rory, “Learning”.

With the cooperation of others in the industry, CompTIAs support, and the chance to collaborate and network on such a large scale, these shows provide a critical edge to MSPs.

When I asked Rory what he would say to someone contemplating coming for the first time he said confidently, “go to as many meetings as you can and talk to people. Hang out. If you’re walking by somebody in the hallway just say ‘hi’ and introduce yourself.”

Others have remarked how they learn so much in just 24 hours compared to other shows.


Watch more of this chat here:

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