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What should Avaya VARs do next?

Posted by The UC Buyer

Dec 23, 2019

The merger is complete, and it is time to keep moving forward. With Avaya securing the merger with Ringcentral, what should VARs who use Avaya be prepared to do?

business_next_stepsPhil Edholm of BCStrategies offers some advice about the immediate impact. For your customers who are on an Avaya platform today, they will be forced to move. “In a way, every Avaya VAR should be thinking about how they want to run this play in their installed base... How do you present it as a smooth migration?” How do you give your clients the confidence to stay with you during a migration?

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The playbook should include the things that customers should expect, such as transparency on the process and a mind toward customer service. But it also needs to be realistic enough to include increases in staffing that may be necessary during the transition.  Phil continues, “I don’t know that Avaya is going to give you the playbook on this, or RingCentral will, but how do you develop the playbook to try to keep people from going to a competitor?”

This deserves some meetings with your senior leadership to decide the path to take. What customers do you want to fight for, and which ones do you think you will lose. Undoubtedly, you won't save them all, but by categorizing the targets you can have a higher success rate with the your valuable partners.

Mike Cromwell is thinking more long-term. “This should serve as a big wake-up call, because if you haven’t pivoted from selling traditional prem-based systems and its still even fifty percent of your business, you gotta be doing one of three things (in my humble opinion).”

If you haven’t made the pivot yet, might be time to think about selling your business. The revenue from prem-based system is only going to go down from here. You might start to think about a white label or private label UC solution.

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If you are an agent, train your sales organization to sell more than UC, because it will be hard to make only the agent commission from the RingCentral solution. Managed services and other diverse product offering can help pad this impact.

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Whatever path you take, if you put together the right playbook, not only can you retain most of your customers but you can set your business toward future growth.


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