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What Kind of Collaborator Are You? Enterprise Collaboration Podcast with PGi

Posted by Kevin Gulley

Oct 6, 2016

Have you ever considered what your collaboration style is?  Modern_Collaboration.pngWhat about your colleagues or your boss?  In this podcast interview with Leo Tucker, Global Vice President of Marketing at PGi, we dig into the findings of their recent survey that looks to answer this question.  They interviewed business people from a thousand companies and gathered information on one hundred different factors that influence collaboration to get a baseline understanding of the various ways in which business people collaborate and how businesses can benefit by applying this understanding to their own companies.

Dig Deeper:  Download the report overview now!

We review the findings in detail, including their breakdown of business people into 5 different 'types' of collaborators: Casual, Meticulous, Practical, Savvy and Progressive.  If you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of how the employees and departments in your business collaborate and what this can mean to ensuring you make the right types of investments in the right kinds of technology, this podcast is a must listen.

And don't forget to visit PGI.com to take the collaboration quiz yourself to find out what type of collaborator you are.


Topics: collaboration, Business Case, Employees, Podcast, Use Case

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