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Using Data to Improve Adoption

Posted by The UC Buyer

Jul 15, 2019

The role of the UCaaS provider is frequently as a technology broker - to offer and provide a suite of services to the customer. To make the product catalog less intimidating, these features are bundled into packages. Each package may have dozens of features, such as voicemail, speed dial, call forwarding, etc. 

Michael Sterl of Cloud Optik notes that once installed, many providers immediately look to find the next customer, and the adoption of the entire service pack may not be complete. This leads to customers being unaware of what they are truly paying for, which can lead to dissatisfaction and churn. Similarly, using features incorrectly can also present a very substandard experience to the customer.

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Michael has a different approach, after an initial period we “go back in and train them about all the features they have” in an effort to increase the customer experience through engagement with the product. And they do this through an examination of the data. 

Asks Michael, “How do you take knowledge and turn it into action?” He goes on to note that “there is a lot of data that is being held in many systems. Our idea is ‘how do we extract that data and turn it into something actionable?’”

By looking at the features installed and comparing that to the ones being used, you can have an idea of when features are beginning to be used, necessitating a training session, and when they are untouched, which may prompt a sales call so the customer is made aware of the exciting features they already have.

In addition to helping current customers remain loyal, this data collection can be used to guide the sales team forward - presenting the most used features and the best practical applications to potential customers. In this way your business can put a process in place to simplify where the market is going, based on customer adoption.

If you would like more of Michael’s insights, be sure to watch the UCBuyer TV video here:


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