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Top Stories Of 2015 via The UC Buyer

Posted by Kevin Gulley

Dec 31, 2015

I thought a nice way to wrap up the year would be to take a look back and see what articles, podcasts and infographics were the most read and commented on (by the way, we’re a little sad that you guys aren’t commenting more...we love the feedback and interaction!).  I would also like to take a moment to thank all of you for joining The UC Buyer community and let you know we are looking forward to even bigger and better things in 2016.

Top Enterprise Communications Blog Posts of 2015

Open Source UC  Leads the Way

Top_Enterprise_Communications_Stories_2015.pngApparently, there is a lot of interest in open source unified communications solutions in the market. Our top two pulling posts for the year highlighted this space. If you haven’t taken the time to learn about options in this space, now’s the time to take a read:

3 Options for an Open Source Unified Communications Solution

and just in case that is not enough for you, it was followed hot on the heels by:

Three More Open Source Unified Communications (UC) Options - Plus One That's Not so Viable

Headsets Are On Top of Mind

We’ve talked a number of times about how much of an outsized impact headsets have on the success of a unified communications deployment, but the most read headset-related story this year was about what type of wireless headsets would make the most sense for your company and your employees.

Making the Wireless Headset Decision:  DECT vs. Bluetooth

Digging Into the Details on Securing Your UC Solution

For businesses moving their communications to an IP network, security becomes a key concern.  Companies quickly find out that their firewall can’t do everything they need done to facilitate and secure their communications and that a session border controller may be on their horizon.

Firewalls vs. Session Border Controllers (SBC):  Outlining the Differences

Top Unified Communications Podcasts of 2015

I love doing podcasts.  It is a blast to connect with industry leaders to talk about different aspects of the rapidly evolving enterprise communications landscape.  Here are the top three most listened to podcast from 2015

WebRTC and Enterprise Collaboration

In this interview with Jeff Platon, the Chief Marketing Officer of Interactive Intelligence, we dig into the current state of WebRTC, the types of use cases it is appropriate for and their decision to use WebRTC to build out their PureCloud Collaborate platform.

Click to listen

Enterprise Unified Communications and the Cloud

In this podcast, we dig into how medium and larger businesses are leveraging UC and the role the cloud plays in their plans. I speak with Henry Dewing a Strategic Marketing Executive and Senior Evangelist at Avaya to get his take on how the marketplace is evolving and how Avaya is helping customers migrate from legacy systems to more integrated UC-driven solutions to increase productivity and engagement.  Definitely worth a listen.

Click to listen

How UC is Impacting Corporate Culture - and Vice Versa

This informative podcast, featuring Urban Gillis from headset maker Jabra, covers how evolving communications technology, mobility and the move towards remote working and open office spaces is changing corporate culture and what businesses need to do to prepare.  

Click to listen

Top Enterprise Communications Infographics of 2015

When it came to infographics this year, market growth reports led the way.  Click on the links below to check out the details

Just How Big is the Unified Communications Market and How Fast is it Growing?

UCaaS Market Size and Projections

WebRTC Market 2015 - Statics and Data

What do you want to see more of in 2016?  How can we make your lives easier.  Let us know and we’ll get right on it!  Happy New Year and peace in 2016.

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