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Three Keys to Maintain a Competitive Edge

Posted by The UC Buyer

Jun 27, 2019

Dave Gilbert and Mike Comwell cornered Louie Holmes of Skyswitch to ask him about some tips for maintaining a competitive edge in a crowded market.  He offers three broad pieces of advice.

Build A Great Team

Obviously, it is hard to operate a business alone, but recruiting, training, and retaining great people is a key. Not only is employee churn expensive, but it wastes valuable resources training replacements.  Louie is thankful for his “wonderful team with the Skyswitch group” and attributes their teamwork as a big contributor to success.

Keep Up With The Times

Louie and Skyswitch believe in “offering new services that are integrating with the platform” such as “call center type activities” on a regular basis, to always keep their partners empowered with cutting edge products and services.

Many UCaaS providers are branching out to SD-WAN, soft phone clients, hosted fax, and other solutions. 

Maintain Great Partnerships

Sales enablement becomes a key factor when working with customers, distributors, and service providers. Or, as Louie puts it, “enable [our partners] with the tools” to go to market. When you have partners that resell on your platform, keeping them empowered, in the know, and included becomes a key factor for success.


Watch their entire interaction here:


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