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The Solutions Provider Business Model

Posted by The UC Buyer

Jul 18, 2019

Mark Diaz with Vinix at Kazoocon 2019 is creating some really cool applications with the 2600hz technology. Dave Gilbert caught up with him and had some time to get insights.

“We simply saw the frustration, the aggravation, and lack of efficiency from our end-users. They didn’t really have a solution that made everything simple for them and streamlined their process”.

When your processes are independent and built on separate platforms, you often spend more time integrating them than focusing on your business. Vinix’s customers wanted to pay somebody “to be the solution provider.” This is the core principle behind a solutions provider model.

Solution selling is all about finding the suite of products and services that can give your customer the most favorable outcome. Instead of focusing on a product in your catalog you wish to offload, instead find the best way to see your customer’s pain points and turn them into your opportunity. This involves thinking out of the traditional boxes, as well as innovating and developing new methods when necessary.

This business model works well for a variety of service providers. Internet service, wireless phone, security systems, and managed services in general lend themselves to becoming solutions architects for their clients.

Mark says it best. “There is nothing, really, we can’t do. It’s really about how big you can dream it.”

If you are interested in how Mark and Vinix made this model their reality, watch the conversation here:


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