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Testing the Readiness of Your Network Prior to UCaaS Deployment

Posted by Kevin Gulley

Sep 13, 2016


Modern_Collaboration.pngOver and over at The UC Buyer we have heard that one of the biggest risks to Cloud-based UC is a corporate network that is not up for the job.  In this detailed podcast with Stephen Farkouh, the Executive Vice President of Information Systems at UCaaS solution provider Broadview Networks, we discuss the network challenges that businesses face when deploying UCaaS and what they can do to prevent them.

We talk about  jitter and latency and their causes including router configurations, firewall setup and bandwidth.  We also dive into their new solution allows their channel partners to perform an in-depth, long-term pre-test of a company's network that identifies any issues up front so they can be addressed before pulling the trigger on UCaaS deployment.  If you're considering cloud-UC, you definitely should take a listen.

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Topics: cloud, networking, UCaaS, Monitoring, Podcast

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