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Selling Backward with Crisantos

Posted by Dave Gilbert

May 21, 2020

I had a chance to sat down with Crisantos Hajirahim of Prodoscore (and occasional collaborator with the UCBuyer) and ask some questions about how to sell backward.

Crisantos begins as he does with a lot of his business clients, “we are all moving to the cloud, but we don’t know why we are doing it.” Recent acquisitions in the industry proves that data is king. A great example is how Moneyball used data to build a winning baseball team. “Why don’t we apply the same logic?”

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Selling backwards means looking at the end result, then planning a path in order to get there. Start with the end in mind, instead of just selling voice. Rather than merely selling a dial tone, learn what the exact issues that your service is meant to solve. You can also keep metrics on your employees, so you know where their strengths and weaknesses lie through call recording and monitoring, workflows in Salesforce or other CRM systems, and total revenue output.

In today’s environment, there is an abundance of data that you can access, as Crisantos says, “APIs unlock so much potential, especially in communications.” And he sees a bright future ahead for the industry so long as data is embraced. “Communications is going to be the most beneficial for ML and AI technologies.”

To watch more of this conversation here:




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