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Rev.io Tackles SaaS Billing

Posted by Dave Gilbert

Jun 10, 2019

For providers of software “fill in the blank” as a Service, accounting for monthly recurring charges becomes their lifeblood.  But these subscription services may actually reduce the overall profit margin, due to increased bookkeeping, oversight for customer retention (not to mention staying atop of late charges), and the sheer bulk of producing accurate bills every month.  One might even say, as Michael Cromwell as put it, “billing is the one thing I've seen be the bane of some customers existence.”

Billing_Payment_Money_CashflowIs there some solution?

According to Brent Maropis from Rev.io, “with flexibility and openness comes complexity of managing it.” Rev.io delivers a usage-based billing platform and a powerful customer management system to scale with a growing business. “Our goal is to help make [our partners] smarter and make their jobs easier so they're happier every day and they can serve. They can have their mindshare on grown revenue and serving customers,” adds Brent.


Watch this conversation between Michael Cromwell, Brent Maropis, and myself as we talk about what makes SaaS billing a nightmare and how they built a brand by helping others.

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