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Remote Worker Productivity Resources

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Mar 21, 2020

Last Updated: March 20, 2020

How to Avoid the Time-Suck of Social Networks While Working at Home
When transitioning from a typical office environment to one with less oversight, there is a natural concern that your productivity may drop. This article by ZDNet offers advice on how to minimize the distraction that social media brings to a work-at-home arrangement. Tips on how to ration your time, turning off notifications, and even some software that can assist you.
Source: ZDNet, March 18, 2020

Remote Work in the Era of Coronavirus
Many businesses were ill prepared for moving much or all of their employees from in-office to remote working. This article from 2600hz links to a podcast where Crisantos Hajibrahim, Alisha Bartash, and Dave Gilbert talk about this topic and others, such as work from home policies and how to ensure success with your remote workforce.
Source: 2600hz, March 13, 2020

How to Hide Your Messy Room for a Zoom Video Conference
Not every room is as photogenic as you might like. This article from The Verge explains how to use Virtual Backgrounds in the Zoom client to disguise anything in your room that might be less than professional.
Source: The Verge, March 11, 2020

Calling Without Compromise When Working From Home
Support for work-from-home business models is on the rise, so what is needed next is a path to get to where your home office is just as productive as your work office. In comes Cisco to talk about collaboration and calling with the minimum impact to your customer base.
Source: Cisco, March 11, 2020

Working in a Coronavirus World: Strategies and Tools for Staying Productive
Four strategies for remote work, enabling workers to stay productive when working from home - a trend that will experience a major boost as businesses shift to conducting business through tools and applications in an effort to avoid physical gatherings.
Source: ZDNet, March 11, 2020

Working From Home Goes Viral In The Time Of Coronavirus
The number of remote workers has increased by the millions in the span of weeks, and this is being taken with mixed results. 

New to Working from Home? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Meet Like a Pro
Working from home has been a reality for a growing percentage of the workforce for years, but new factors are increasing these numbers at an alarming rate. If you or your staff have never worked remotely before, this article from Zoom offers the necessary instructions for not just setting up a home office, but how to optimize it and make it at least as productive as one in the office. Tips about environment, lighting, and the right software help managers and employees alike through this transition.
Source: Zoom, March 9, 2020

Productivity Hacks for Remote Workers
With remote and mobile work becoming common, it can be a daunting endeavor to switch from working at the same place to working any place. Joe Martin of CloudApp details 6 practical and 3 technological hacks that can make your remote work as productive, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible.
Source: CloudApp, March 5, 2020

Coronavirus Plan: How IT Can Enable Remote Work
The Coronavirus outbreak is impacting businesses large and small, forcing even the best business continuity plans to adapt. The information technology department of such organizations can be invaluable in implementing remote work. This article lists several matter-of-fact statistics and then moves to offering solid advice about how to roll out a remote work plan.
Source: InformationWeek, March 4, 2020

How to Set Up a Basic Home Workstation for Remote Employees
As COVID-19 spreads and the possibility of widespread remote work deployments, setting up employees to effectively conduct their work from home isn’t as complex as you might think.
Source: TechRepublic, March 4, 2020

Is Your Remote Workforce Ready for Anything?
You have a remote workforce, but you are not sure if it as good as it can be. This article by Michelle Accardi explores the kind of tool and expectations a remote workforce should have. Tips on how to rally your workforce links to several other resources to provide you the information you need.
Source: ZDNet, March 3, 2020

Top 10 PROVEN Tips to Setup a Temporary Work From Home Office Successfully
If you have been put in a position to move your workforce off-site, they may benefit from some tips on how to setup a home office. This article from Henry Kayser with Zoom analyses this very scenario and offers ten ways to help your employees, such as setting up their workstation, benefiting from natural light, and using technology for virtual meetings.
Published on LinkedIn by Henry Kayser, Zoom, March 3, 2020

Working from home? Use these 6 tips for better video calls
Flexibility in working has been a rising trend for the past decade, and technology such as video conferencing facilitates this transition. Google offers tips for controlling your environment, focusing on what you present, and how to change parameters of your presentation software to make you as productive, comfortable, and impactful as you can be.
Source, Google, February 24, 2020

The Coronavirus Outbreak Could Change the Way You Work. Here's How to Prepare Your Company
If it is not 5G changing how we work, it is a viral outbreak. In any case, the times are changing. This article explores these changes and gives four ways your business can become prepared to not only adapt to the changes, but how to thrive because of them.
Source: Inc, February 24, 2020

Remote Work Statistics: Shifting Norms and Expectations
Flexible working is becoming mainstream, and that fact is changing the paradigm of what is considered normal. In this article, Beth Braccio Hering breaks down key metrics about a remote workforce - including growth, attractiveness to talent, business impacts, and profitability.
Source: Flexjobs, February 13, 2020

7 Stats Leading the Remote Future of Work
The conversation is no longer "how big an office do we need" but "do we need an office at all?" In this article, CloudApp cites seven key performance indicators all managers and executives should be aware of regarding such topics as the demographics of remote workers, the impact of video conferencing, and customer preferences for chat vs telephone conversations.
Source: CloudApp, October 28, 2019

Remote Workers Are Outperforming Office Workers -- Here’s Why
For a decade offices have been remodeled with experiments from pool tables to open-office plans. This article shows that not only have these changes failed in making employees more productive time. Brian de Haaff lays out the three principle areas where remote workers outperform their in-office counterparts.
Source: Inc, October 30, 2017

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