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Realizing Greenfield Opportunities for Contact Centers in the SMB Market

Posted by The UC Buyer

Aug 8, 2019

Michael Cromwell and Dave Gilbert had a chance to ask Alan Rihm, CEO of Coredial about his thoughts on the CPaaS industry. “What’s hot for us, right now, is contact center” says Alan, and he elaborates with “it’s contact center through the channel and for the SMB/SME.”

This seems to be promoting what appears to be a complex solution to small businesses. What can a contact center possibly provide for these smaller players? Alan has the answer, “what we want to do with contact center is the same thing we do with UCaaS.” 

Modern white-label providers have portals to allow their partners to self-provision, and when it comes down to it, aside from licensing, contact center queues are just a little more complex than hunt groups.

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As a trusted advisor, your business can work with your customers to find and recommend the right solution for their business. This might mean a single agent contact center where the queue takes the calls and hands them to a parts counter employee in an orderly fashion. This might mean a few agents who take customer service calls and the ability to report on their activity and coach them accordingly. This might even mean a complex multi-discipline center with queue or skill-based routing and agents who can wear more than one hat.

The driver behind such an increase in contact center use and adoption is, according to Alan, “it’s really about adding more value, delivering a high value type of seat to the average business.” This is exactly what VARs and MSPs are in business to do! “There is a greenfield opportunity [in SMBs] for this opportunity.”

Alan estimates that in an average 100 person company, “there are about 20 to 40 people that could benefit from contact center.”

Finding and capitalizing on these opportunities can help your customer’s business perform better, increase your bottom line, and improve the customer experience overall.


If you want to hear more of Alan’s insights, watch this video:

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