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Podcast: Open Offices and The Changing Face of Collaboration

Posted by Kevin Gulley

Feb 13, 2016

TheUCBuyer_Podcast_Series_Image.jpgCommunications technology has been an enabler of two significant trends. The rise of the remote, mobile and home worker and the reduction in the amount of office space that businesses require.  These smaller offices are quickly being redesigned to take advantage of open floor plans to increase collaboration and in-office communications. These open offices have many benefits, but the resultant reduced privacy can negatively impact employees' ability to do heads-down work and stay on task.  In this podcast interview with Mitch Friend, president of Plenom, the maker of the BusyLight and other 'presence management' related technology, we discuss these trends, where they're headed and how businesses are helping employees adapt to these new realities. 


Topics: collaboration, Employees, Unified Communications,, Headsets,, presence management

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