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Podcast: Elka Popova, Application and Voice Integration

Posted by Dave Gilbert

Jul 28, 2020

Dave Talking with Elka

Elka Popova is the Vice President and Senior Fellow, Information and Communications Technologies at Frost & Sullivan who brings years of experience and, probably best of all, humility, as she and Dave talk about building and growing a business, pivoting based on life experience, and the type of moral framework that can be used as a guide to life, business, and everything in between.


  • Cloud tools, integrating applications and voice.
  • Life advice learned from years in business.
  • The perils of rapid growth, and how to balance expansion and sustainability to uneasy investors.
  • Creative thinking in your response to crises. 

Take a listen, and let us know what you think.


Topics: UC Industry, sustainability, UCaaS, Podcast, Communications, Use Case, Homepage

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