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Podcast: Mark Morgan, CapEx vs. OpEx Business Models

Posted by Dave Gilbert

Jul 20, 2020

Mark Morgan - IntelisysDave Gilbert has a lot of connections, and these enable him to have great conversations with tremendously influential people.

Mark Morgan is the President of Intelisys, and brings a lot of perspective to the conversation about master agent and agent sales. This interview, from the floor of a trade show, delves into the thoughts of a prominent mind in the UC industry, his outlook on leadership, emerging markets, and growth potential.


  • What being named Intelisys' President means to Mark.
  • Moving from a CapEx to OpEx business model.
  • The growth potential for UCaaS and Cloud Contact Center in today's market.
  • Building customer stickiness as a way of front-loading retention.

Take a listen, and let us know what you think.


Topics: UC Industry, UCaaS, Podcast, Communications, Homepage

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