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Podcast: Patrick Sullivan, Home Offices and Zoom Fatigue

Posted by Michael Cromwell

Jun 18, 2020

Patrick Sullivan - ThumbnailIn these crazy times, there are companies that struggle, and some that were effectively made for such events. 2600hz is definitely in the latter category.

2600kz co-founder Patrick Sullivan speaks with Mike Cromwell and Dave Gilbert about the decade long journey of his business, their innovations, and some insight into the future of CPaaS and UCaaS


  • The urgency of setting up home offices.
  • New products from 2600hz.
  • How the proper applications and tools can make working remote more efficient and effective.
  • What to do about "Zoom fatigue".

Take a listen, and let us know what you think.


Topics: UC Industry, UCaaS, Podcast, Communications, CPaaS, Homepage

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