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Nextiva’s Drive Toward Customer Experience

Posted by The UC Buyer

Jul 8, 2019

One of the biggest topics on the lips of technological influencers like Ira Feuerstein, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Nextiva, is Customer Experience. While this can mean something slightly different among diverse minds, the fact that it is at the forefront of the zeitgeist bears some exploration. 


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UCBuyer’s own Dave Gilbert had a chance to sit down with Ira Feuerstein and ask his thoughts on the topic. As Ira explains, there are multiple products that are offered, deployed and used in telecommunications, and in “all these ecosystems of products” it is unfortunate that “none of it talks to each other but its still communications”. So, the status quo is to build a communications suite that struggles to communicate amongst itself. Despite what might be a troublesome situation, in order to be competitive “you need to have that full-blown suite of services”


Nextiva has taken an approach of developing software that “proactively monitors customers to let you know if they are happy with you, or potentially dissatisfied”. In other words, they have turned the attention on customer experience to a holistic level, viewing everything from billing to implementation as part of the process.


In the end, it has to do with keeping your existing customers. “Everyone in this business is looking for stickiness, no one wants churn”. Nextiva has taken steps to integrate all of the services across a unified platform.


See more of the conversation here:



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