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Late Adopters of UCaaS are Poised to Buy

Posted by The UC Buyer

Aug 15, 2019

When any new technology emerges onto the market, it arrives in waves. Early adopters get access to the features first, but they also endure the setbacks, the bumps that need to be smoothed out, and of course the prices that have not had a chance to settle at a more reasonable spot.

“We are at a spot in the cloud development that people are buying, and it’s no longer what I call the first wave of technology,” according to Rob Shelby, Sr. Director of Channel Sales at RingCentral. “People are excited about it.”

Rob is looking forward to some new transformations, too. “It has transformed into a cool product.” Now, instead of merely savings on the phone bill, you can now use the technology to enhance business and really make an impact.


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If you are on the fence about making the jump to cloud-based services, from Hosted Voice to Network Operations Center as a Service, the time has never been better. You can get the benefits of being ahead of the curve while the early adopters financed the early stages and dealt with the growing pains.


To hear more from Rob Shelby, watch this:

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