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Kazoocon 2019 Speaker Michael Sterl

Posted by The UC Buyer

Jul 23, 2019

At Kazoocon 2019 Michael Sterl, founder of Cloud Optik and CEO of Carve Digital, gave a speech about using data to retain your customers. He has previously been featured by The UCBuyer on his data-driven approach to improve adoption, but this speech really focuses more on retaining those customers over the long term.


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Michael begins with, “there is a lot of information in your CRM - and there are a lot of platforms which will help you to succeed. How does that affect customer engagement?”

He correctly identifies two major reasons for customer churn, and focuses on the second one - the customer leaves when you haven’t solved the ultimate problem that they hired you for in the first place. So often, we get focused on the next sales and we rarely do a good job of going back to the customer to ensure that what we promised ins actually being delivered. When this occurs, we lose customers.

“Be smarter on how your customers are using your solution, and how it meshes with what they need from it,” is great advice. 

You can see more of his speech here:

Topics: UC Industry, Adoption, customer experience management

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