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KAZOOcon 2019: Empowering Success for The Future of Service Providers

Posted by Miriam Libonati

May 28, 2019

KAZOOcon is this year’s must-attend UC conference whether you’re interested in the most recent UCaaS and CPaaS technologies, cutting-edge best practices, leading industry insights, or valuable networking opportunities. Inspired by KAZOO — 2600Hz’s advanced carrier-grade UCaaS/CPaaS solution — will be hosted in sunny San Diego, CA June 18th through June 20th at the Bahia Resort and Hotel.

Kazoocon_UCaaS_Event_ShowThis event is a high-touch educational and networking opportunity to build personal relationships with top UC, UCaaS and VoIP visionary leaders as well as experts from across the communications industry. This is a truly unique opportunity to learn about how some of the world’s most successful companies tackle business and technology challenges and how to apply their best practices to your own business.

There will be three days of highly educational sessions that will focus on helping attendees stay ahead of industry shifts, highlight real-world success stories to help grow business in a competitive market, and reviews of the latest UC products and VoIP enhancements from 2600Hz and across the industry. Sessions will cover all the skills, tools, and business strategies necessary to succeed in the UC industry, as well as technical learning and skill building, and an in-depth analysis of the KAZOO technology.

In addition to the high-touch educational learning opportunities, 2600Hz will be announcing major initiatives including; revolutionary platform and product releases and a new partnership with a major mobile provider. This leading-edge partnership will bring a new approach to mobile, data, and the convenience of connectivity. Not to mention, there will be several well-known industry analysts and media leaders in attendance sharing the most current and relevant insights.

If you would like to join the 200+ business leaders, partners, and customers from the world of UC,  2600Hz is offering The UC Buyer readers a special discount of 40% off list price. Purchase your ticket HERE and use code UCBuyer.  

It seems service providers of all sizes across the globe go from conference to conference looking to learn about the next big advancement or new success stories that could help excel their business. However, finding valuable conferences that include the right mix of education, technology, new ideas, and best practices can be tricky, but not impossible. So if you’re looking for a highly valuable event, with innovative and forward-thinking products and services, high-level speakers that have successfully maneuvered this industry for decades, and success stories that span the globe, KAZOOcon 2019 is the event you won’t want to miss!

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