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How UCaaS Leads to Better Customer Service

Posted by The UC Buyer

Oct 21, 2019

Employing UCaaS technology in your business may seem like a great choice to save money by offering predictable telecommunication costs, reducing onsite hardware and maintenance, and switching from capital expenditures to operational expenditures. The features in this new technology can also be used to provide better customer service.


Get to the right person faster

Automated call distribution services, such as auto attendants, hunt groups, and call queues allow your callers to reach the right department that can answer their question, but direct dialed numbers can empower repeat callers to reach the intended person immediately. Voicemail that can be sent via email returns faster interaction, as well, and most email services will offer a zero-out option, so instead of leaving a voicemail for the agent your customer wanted, they cZn instead be sent to someone else who can help immediately.

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analysis_people_teamworkMulti-location workforce

In a traditional on-premise solution, expanding the workforce frequently entails adding new cards and cables. This gets even more complex when adding an off-site location. Today, with so many businesses colocating in multiple area codes and with an increase in the number of employees that work from home, expansion with a traditional PBX becomes expensive and time-consuming. A cloud-based PBX requires only a broadband connection to the public Internet and a computer to add a new member - and a desktop phone if you want.

Remote workers can be members of call centers and hunt groups as if they were in the office, and mobile applications even allow smartphones to function as office phones connected to the PBX. There is no easier way to  expand a workforce than with cloud communications.

No downtime

Cloud-based services do not reside at the geographic location of your office, so in the event of a natural disaster or any other service interruption at your site, business can continue. Auto attendants and hunt groups still function, and if they can point to the mobile application or other find-me follow-me programming, your staff will still receive calls.

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