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How to Use UCaaS to Enable Sales

Posted by The UC Buyer

Oct 8, 2019

Employing UCaaS technology in your business may seem like a great choice to save money by offering predictable telecommunication costs, reducing onsite hardware and maintenance, and switching from capital expenditures to operational expenditures. But there are ways you can use this technology to enable your sales team to be more productive and more accessible, as well.

One number reach

By utilizing either simultaneous or sequential ring, or better yet some kind of mobile application, your salespeople can be reached with a single number, regardless of where they are. One number on a business card or email signature is a big deal, as it consolidates the contact point for your rep.

If they are using a mobile application, they can also easily differentiate business calls from personal ones, offering the appropriate level of professionalism and urgency to those calls.

Not to mention that by eliminating company-owned cell phones and providing an allowance every month to offset part of the salesperson’s personal device, the company saves money. Furthermore, the company owns the number, so that in the cases of attrition, old customers will still be able to reach someone, even if their former rep has moved on.

nature-3294543Any hour contact

Like one number reach, the salesperson is able to conduct business through their mobile app at any hour of the day. They can make outbound calls with the business phone number and caller ID presenting, so the business interests are prioritized. They can be “in the office” whenever they choose

We already use mobile devices to get email, view spreadsheets, and conduct other operational functions - the learning curve for adding a telephone application is pretty shallow.


Whitepaper: Using UC to Enable a Mobile Workforce


No downtime

Cloud-based services do not reside at the geographic location of your office, so in the event of a natural disaster or any other service interruption at your site, business can continue. Auto attendants and hunt groups still function, and if they can point to the mobile application or other find-me follow-me programming, your staff will still receive calls.

Imagine the profound advantage your business will have in the event others in your area are down while your sales team can still operate.

Unified Communications as a Service offers a lot of advantages for business, and even more when you start to look at the features and how they relate to how your business operates.

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