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How Customer Experience Management (CEM) is Becoming the Brand. #Podcast Interview with Avaya

Posted by Kevin Gulley

Jun 30, 2016


Customer engagements have changed more over the last five years than they have in the previous thirty, according to Natalie Keightley, the Contact Center Product Marketing Lead for the EMEA region at Avaya.  Customers are mobile first, demand service in whatever channel and on whatever device suits them, expect companies to know everything about their history (regardless of channel) and insist they solve their problems immediately.  Related: 4 Keys to eContact Center Success

podcast.jpgIn this information packed conversation, we dig into how companies are moving to make a superior customer experience the cornerstone of their brand.  We discuss how businesses are changing mindsets to deploy successful omni-channel customer service, the role that integrated self-service plays and how solutions like Avaya Breeze are helping businesses easily embed communications capabilities wherever they are needed (mobile apps, websites, enterprise apps like CRM, etc.).

If your business is ready to take customer experience management to the next level, this is definitely worth the listen!

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