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How Bigleaf Politely Engages Your Customer’s Network

Posted by The UC Buyer

Sep 17, 2019

Brian Ficek, director of Channel Sales at Bigleaf Networks talks about how they work with Managed Service Providers. An MSP most often steps into an existing network or one that they have recommended. This can be challenging to add new services due to firewall restrictions and settings.


Brian explains, “we’re not saying ‘hey, you need to rip that out or let’s poke holes in it,’ we are saying ‘we are going to drop in transparently.’” The Bigleaf solution works around the existing network by being as transparent as possible and leaving as much of the firewall untouched as they can.

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This can eliminate a lot of the troublesome calls from customers who find out after a solution has been implemented that calls are dropping or services have slowed to a crawl due to firewall and security issues. “That story seems to be resonating because we are talking about the technology, but we are also talking about the great impact we can have on their organization.”

Bigleaf does this with their SD-WAN products, but the lessons are there for other verticals.

  • Offer A Solution That Requires Minimal Disruption
  • Focus on Benefits, not Features
  • Find a Way to Stand Out


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