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Freshly Rebranded Poly is Coming For Your Business

Posted by The UC Buyer

Jul 24, 2019

At KAZOOcon 2019, Darren Knapp of Poly gave a presentation to show off some of their new products, as well as define a philosophy for Poly going forward.

The x50 series of desktop devices is coming in with the intention of being the endpoint of choice for UCaaS telephony. They are feature-rich devices with a modern look and are prices to be accessible for all markets.

“The Swiss army knife of unified communications” - Darren Knapp

Some exciting features revealed include the ability to attach some desktop models to a 5g WiFi network (with a WiFi adapter), the inclusion of more lines on comparable phones to the venerable VVX series, and connectivity to the Poly Device Management Services platform for customization and control.

Also very exciting is the ability to integrate with multiple UCaaS providers! Multiple lines can function with different carriers simultaneously.

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Poly has the proper pedigree to offer world-class headsets, too, and they have a variety to choose from. They have also committed to providing Tier 1 support for headset provisioning, pairing, and technical issues for your customer.

Darren lays it all out here:



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