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Four Bullets For the Fourth

Posted by Kevin Gulley

Jul 1, 2016

Before you head out to enjoy your 4th of July weekend, I wanted to make sure that, in addition to beer, hotdogs, hamburgers and red solo cups, you were provisioned with things to think about or peruse as you're having a cup of coffee (and potentially nursing a hangover) this weekend.  Enjoy!

  • Are API's Driving a Communications GoldRush?

Interesting article in NoJitter this week discussing how API's and embedding communications wherever and whenever they're needed is driving the next Big Bang in the communications space.  It certainly seems that way with Twilio going public and having a 92% bump in share prices the day of their IPO.  As the article explains:

As most of you know, comms API providers like Twilio give developers and businesses the ability to build messaging, voice, and video capabilities directly into their software applications or business processes with a simple set of APIs. They don't have to worry about global infrastructure, negotiating with carriers, or the support necessary for continued innovation. As a result, businesses can shift focus on activities related to driving revenue for their companies. Twilio currently powers some of the world's most well-known digital brands, including Uber, WhatsApp, and Airbnb, while companies like Viber, Expedia, and FitBit use Nexmo's communications APIs, for example.

  You can check out this podcast from just the other day with Avaya to hear about their Avaya Breeze solution that does much the same thing.


  • What's Up with WhatsApp?  100 Million Free Calls a Day, That's What

Holy Crap.  That's 1,100 calls per second.  Not bad for a company that just introduced their VoIP calling feature a year ago when Facebook acquired them.  Of course, free is a really good price for calling from your cellphone anywhere in the world to anywhere else in the world.  Read more...


  • VentureBeat Says It's Time To Pay Attention to WebRTC.  Why Yes. Yes It Is

We've talked about it a lot recently, but WebRTC is hitting the tripping point, especially with Apple getting on board and Microsoft playing nice with their Edge browser.  Here's VentureBeat's take on the situation and here are two recent Modern Collaboration podcasts on the topic. 




  • Time to Fess Up. Shadow UC&C Taking Over Your Company

Don't feel bad...it's infiltrating most companies as employees take advantage of tools that help them get their job done.   They're just doing it without IT's knowledge or approval and therefore they may not align with an organization's requirements for control, documentation, security and reliability. According to NoJitter:

Shadow unified communications and collaboration is a term used to describe systems and services implemented and used inside organizations without explicit organizational approval and/or unknown to IT. Another term used for this is "stealth UC," which describes solutions implemented by departments other than the IT or telecom departments. I use shadow UC&C. I use Dropbox to share files or when the file is too large to be sent as an attachment. I collaborate using GoToMeeting and WebEx.

 As the article point out, WebRTC is a already an issue and will become more of one inside of businesses as that protocol really takes off.

Have a terrific Fourth!  Relax, enjoy yourself and don't forget to tell all your friends and colleagues about how much you love The UC Buyer :o)

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