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Five Bullet Friday - Brain Candy to Start Your Weekend

Posted by Kevin Gulley

Jun 3, 2016

In case it rains this weekend, or you just want some great topics to dig into while you're enjoying your morning coffee, here are the latest five bullets to keep you occupied.

  • The State of the Weg (and the global economy) - Mary Meeker, of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers just presented her latest 'State of the Web' report.  As usual it is chock full of amazing data and insights. You can scroll through the whole deck here, and if your business or personal life depends upon the Internet (and if you're reading this, it does), I strongly suggest taking the time to go through the whole presentation.
  • WebRTC at a Tipping Point - If you listen to our Modern Collaboration podcasts (and why wouldn't you? And if you don't subscribe to them now on iTunes), you have noticed a number of recent episodes focusing on WebRTC.  One theme that has been consistent in all of the interviews (here, hereand here),
    with the version 1.0 of the standard being finalized, Apple announcing support for the standard in Safari, and Microsoft playing nice in their Edge browser and becoming much more engaged in the effort, WebRTC is about to (finally) take off.

  • clayton_kershaw.pngThe Greatest Season for a Pitcher in Baseball History? -  I'm from an American League city (Boston), so I don't watch a lot of National League ball, but what Clayton Kershaw is doing is truly historical and I keep checking in to see if he is slowing down....he's not.  He currently has 105 strikeouts and only 5 walks.  Five...all season!  That's a 21:1 ratio.  For comparison, the all time record is 11.6:1.  His other stats aren't too shabby either - his record is 7-1, his ERA is 1.56 and his WHIP (walks and hits per inning pitched) is a gaudy 0.65.  If he keeps this up it will be the greatest season for a pitcher by a long shot.

  • Enterprise Tech to Watch - There is a terrific article from Dion Hinchcliffe at ZDNet that digs into the 25 technologies that are disrupting the enterprise tech space.  Readers of The UC Buyer will be happy to see that a bunch of these are focused on communications and collaboration, including Digital, Customer Experience Management (DX, CEM), Team collaboration, Social Business, Workplace App Integration to enhance communication and collaboration and Smart Agents and Chatbots.  Definitely worth the read.

  • Speaking of Customer Experience Management - A new eBook from IR focuses on keys to deploying and managing an effective omni-channel contact center geared to enhancing the customer experience.  Check it out.

Enjoy your weekend and let me know what you think about the various topics.


Topics: Technology, Contact Center, WebRTC, Industry News, Top Stories

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