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Developers Need Salespeople Who Understand the Products

Posted by The UC Buyer

Oct 10, 2019

Crisantos Hajibrahim of Prodoscore speaks about some pitfalls that may arise in the formation of your UCaaS sales approach.

“One of the things that I saw basically in working with these sales teams was I saw that an industry was changing, and it was changing so fast that the sales guys and the channel guys could not keep up.” When this happens, and your sales team cannot keep up with all of the development, you get to a point where “you have companies out there who are very strong sales and marketing companies, and they might not be strong in engineering and product, but they can sell better than anybody. And they are the ones driving all the revenue.” On the flipside, then are “companies that are really strong technically and they have a great product but they can’t sell.”

So, first off, where do you think your company lies on this axis of Great Sales at one end and Great Innovation on the other? Hopefully, somewhere in the middle but I imagine that if you really thought about it, you would see how your organization leans more heavily on the sales team or the engineering team.

As Crisantos explains, “The idea is, you gotta bring balance, especially in this industry. I see too many people selling phones.” They are missing the point of the solutions that engineering is developing and implementing in order to stay comfortable.

“What’s the point of [innovating] all this stuff if your salespeople can’t even sell it?” - Crisantos H.

“Building a sales team at scale is very hard if you do not have sales people who are not somewhat technical,” Crisantos states. You need to have your sales team educated and aware of the products you sell, and the solutions they provide.


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Crisantos offers some anecdotes about his experiences that highlight these difficulties in this video:


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