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Developers Drive User Experience

Posted by Dave Gilbert

May 13, 2019

At the 2019 Channel Partner Conference and Expo, we had a chance to speak with Andrew Pryfogle, Sales and Thought Leader on Cloud Service and Customer Experience at Intelisys. He was kind enough to share some of his insights with us.

Experience_UI_UXAndrew has these thoughts about driving development toward customer experience, “You've got to do [WAN Transformation] with the right network design.  You gotta do it with the right security posture because if you if you fail in any of those it doesn't matter [how much] we've spent on UC and CC. Right? Customer Experience suffers and your brand suffers because of that.” In short, all customer experience rides on the back of development.

UX Magazine recognizes that “Customer experience is the future of design.” It wasn’t a decade ago when phones - even the “smartest” of them - used hard buttons rather than a touchscreen. Now, even if you had a phone with the best processor and applications, even seeing buttons turns you off (sorry, Blackberry). The habits of consumers are changing, and they are changing the design of everything they interact with.

This means that, more than ever, your development team needs to have a mind toward User Experience Design.  As Andrew says, “customers can get smarter about all things CX” and your developers can lead your technology toward it.

Hear more of Andrew’s insights here:

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