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Mar 21, 2020

Last Updated: March 20, 2020

How to Drive Participation and Engagement with a Remote Workforce
In this article, Mike Cromwell distills advice about how to effectively manage a remote team, including four major categories and a dozen pieces of advice on keeping that remote staff engaged, participating, and performing.

Infographic: The Benefits of Remote Working for Companies and WorkersThis infographic details some of the benefits for remote working, both for the employee as well as for the business. Employer benefits, employee benefits, and Technological drivers are quantified with data gathered from a survey conducted by ConnectSolutions.

Now is the Time to Consider a Unified Communications Business StrategyDave Gilbert offers advice to managers and executives amid the fear, uncertainty, and doubt of the COVID-19 outbreak. This article gives tips on what you can control as well as an expected outcome for your business.

Remote Worker Emergency Business Continuity ‘Must-Haves’Having the right tools in place for the remote worker can make a big difference in the impact to a business during times of uncertainty and in the face of health risks to employees due to the constantly evolving COVID-19 threats.  With the right plan in place and equipping employees with the right tools to perform their work from home are critical to minimize business disruption by keeping employees engaged and productive.

3 Myths Managers and Companies Need to Know About Remote Working
As business leaders are beginning to quickly migrate to a widespread remote working environment, it is important for leaders to understand how to maintain productivity, drive employee engagement and the tools needed to effectively lead.  We explore 3 common myths about working remotely.

Desk Phones vs. Softphones for the SMB
For an employee to remain productive and fully engaged when working remotely, studies have shown that selecting the right applications and tools makes an impact.  We explore the pros and cons of desk phones, mobile clients and softphones.

Whitepaper: Why Your Remote Workers Hate You (It's Not What You Think)
This is a downloadable white paper that covers ways to keep your remote team working at maximum efficiency.



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