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Capitalizing on Integration in the UCaaS Space

Posted by The UC Buyer

Jul 10, 2019

Fusion has a wonderful success story. In just eleven years, they went from $2M in revenue to $550M. Mike Cromwell and Dave Gibson had a chance to speak with Matthew Rosen, chairman and CEO at Fusion to ask him about this success story.

Matt attributes the majority of that success to “determination. We set out on a vision and we did everything we needed to do to accomplish that vision”

Integration, using multiple systems in conjunction in order to accomplish a larger task, is a fact of life anymore. Traditionally, companies will pick the best system (or the most affordable) in each category and just deal with the trouble in making them work together. This might mean writing some API calls or maybe intermediate steps to make the data flow from one system’s output to another’s input. When the systems do not work well together, it results in finger pointing, trying to find who to blame.

Fusion’s vision was to integrate vital areas such as “the UCaaS, the network, the storage, the security, and the contact center.” Fusion wanted to be a single source to come into the cloud, to “provide all of those services your business needs and be able to manage that experience with the customer, end to end, and eliminate that finger pointing.”


To hear more of Matt’s words of wisdom, check out the video here:

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