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Bigleaf Network's Unique Approach to SD-WAN

Posted by Dave Gilbert

Sep 5, 2019

SD-WAN is changing the world for the average customer with its software defined approach and integrated QoS features. But I am always interested to see how successful companies use this market trend to their advantage.

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At the Comptia Show in Las Vegas, I had a chance to talk with Aaron Kaffen, the VP of Marketing for Bigleaf Networks. They have differentiated themselves when it comes to SD-WAN deployments with their specially designed platform, which, according to Aaron, “is designed specifically for the needs of customers like [the ones] MSPs run into: smaller businesses or distributed businesses.”

“We help companies that are using cloud based technologies like VoIP or Office 365 to create a more performant and reliable connection to those cloud technologies.” - Aaron Kaffen


When it comes to failover, though, they really shine. Aaron says, “Failover is a big deal, as everyone who relies on the Internet knows. Internet performance and reliability is always an issue.” Bigleaf takes this burden head-on by establishing themselves as a single IP provider - granting the customer their own IP address block in order to move their traffic seamlessly and automatically between IP address that are known to be clear.

This leads to faster, cleaner, and more reliable Internet performance. And in technologies like VoIP, which is IP dependant, this critical differentiation can really make a profound and noticeable difference.


You can see more of my conversation with Aaron here:


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