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Avaya’s Edge - Owning the Entire Supply Chain

Posted by The UC Buyer

Aug 7, 2019

Our own Dave Gilbert had a chance to chat with Sid Castle, channel account manager with Avaya, at the Channel Partner Expo 2019, and they spoke about how Avaya has stayed ahead of the curve in the evolving telephony sphere.

Sid explains, “we are the manufacturer of everything - phones, headsets, software - everything is built in-house.” With roots tracing back to Alexander Graham Bell, Avaya has been able to move about three and a half million seats to the cloud and transition on-premise IP PBX to cloud-based with minimal disruption to its customers.

When they offer deals, they can include the cost of the handset and other equipment into the monthly recurring charge, keeping the OpEx business model in place. When other legacy telephony players have struggled not to lose the CapEx model, Avaya has adapted well to the changes of the market.

Sid also admits that there are 142 million seats still on-prem, just using Avaya IP PBX. This is an opportunity not only for Avaya to transition them, but a potential sales opportunity for whoever can provide the best service, price, and commitment to those customers. This is one area that can be of interest to those who do provide all of the components, and transitioning from on-prem to hosted, despite the work, represents an enormous volume of potential business.

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Avaya is leveraging their name and reputation to transition their current customer base rather than spending a lot of sales cycles going after new business. Other, smaller businesses can do the same. By looking at your existing customer base and adding more products to their solution set, such as PBX when you already provide Internet, you can wedge your way into larger market share without necessarily adding new customers.


If you would like to see more of this quick conversation between Sid and Dave, see it right here on UCBuyer TV:

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