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Advanced Collaboration and Seamless Video Are Finally Here, Podcast Interview with the CEO of CafeX

Posted by Kevin Gulley

Dec 14, 2016


Modern_Collaboration.pngAccording to the CEO of CafeX, Rami Musallam, advanced collaboration is all about finding ways to eliminate friction in internal company processes as well as while interacting with customers.  In this insightful podcast interview we dig into how cutting edge technologies, like Chime, their one-click video conferencing platform, are delivering seamless collaboration from the boardroom to the contact center.

We discuss what it really takes to make video a single click experience, whether you are at your desktop or using the company telepresence room.  We also review how enabling collaboration technologies like desktop sharing, allows businesses to take customer care to the next level by saving time and lowering the risk of unhappy customers.

Take a listen, you'll be happy you did. 


Topics: video, collaboration, Contact Center, Business Case, Podcast

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