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5-Bullet Friday

Posted by Kevin Gulley

Apr 15, 2016

Five interesting tidbits to send you off to your weekend.  Thanks for being a part of The UC Buyer...tell your friends and colleagues to join us!


  • Steph Curry - Nothing Like it Since Gretzky.  I’ve never seen anything like him, and I was a Larry Bird fanatic when he was in his prime.  Steph Curry is the reigning NBA MVP and should seriously be considered for this year’s Most Improved Player award.  Consider these stats for the regular season just ended:

Curry ended the year averaging: 30.1 points, nearly seven assists, five rebounds, 50.4 percent from the field, 45.4 percent from behind the three-point line and FOUR HUNDRED made three-pointers when no one in NBA history had ever hit 300.

He is significantly up in EVERY SINGLE STATISTICAL CATEGORY and he did all this while only playing 34 minutes a game (way less than your average MVP) on a team that just broke the all time record for wins in a season.  Even if you’re not a hoops fan, you gotta be impressed.


  • EB_Logo_Just_Building.pngApple Goes WebRTC.  I’ve done enough interviews and had enough conversations over the years to know that the promise of WebRTC is being held up by Apple and Microsoft. Well, one of them just quietly changed their mind.  Read Apple Jumps on the WebRTC Bandwagon for more details.  And with Microsoft supporting WebRTC browser support with their Edge browser, are things finally coming into focus?  

  • Efficiency Buyer is Live.  I’m thrilled to announce that our second publication is live!  The Efficiency Buyer is a site delivering insights into How and Why Businesses and Organizations should invest in Energy and Resource Efficiency.  Check it out, register for updates, follow us on social and please (please, please) pass this along to any colleagues that are interested and focused on this topic!

  • CafeX Podcast Interview - Addressing Some of Video’s Biggest Challenges in the Enterprise.  Definitely worth the listen if you haven’t yet

  • Mitel - Polycom Merger -  Whoa!   Mitel Networks Corp. agreed to acquire Polycom Inc. in a $1.8 billion cash-and-stock deal encouraged by activist investor Elliott Management Corp. to spur consolidation in the telecom equipment industry.  This is big news!  Check out the Wall Street Journal for more details.

Bonus - Don’t forget to check out UCExpo next week in Olympia, London

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