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5-Bullet Friday

Posted by Kevin Gulley

Feb 26, 2016

Here's your weekly dose of what I'm enjoying, pondering or recommending.  Enjoy!

Interview I Loved Doing

Five_bullets.pngI spoke with Bob Sauchelli, one of the originators of the Energy Star for Buildings program, for our soon to be launched property the Efficiency Buyer.  You can take a listen to the podcast here.  Great guy and a great success story.  I’ll let you know as soon as the site is live...should be in the next couple of weeks.

Movie I’m Going to See Twice

Deadpool.  Went out to see this with a bunch of old friends and didn’t stop laughing for two hours.  Thoroughly entertaining...and if you don’t trust me, trust Betty White in this profanity filled review.

Most popular post The UC Buyer

Increasing Adoption: Giving Your UC Deployment A Fighting Chance

Been writing a ton about adoption lately, and readers can’t seem to get enough.

Best Tweet of the Week

Playing phone tag with a prospect? Wistia highlights an entertaining video campaign by Infusionsoft. hubs.ly/H027NnZ0 via@ANPIvoice - I always appreciate companies that are looking to keep things light.

Whitepaper You Should Make Time For

Premise-based vs. Hosted UC Systems from Broadsoft

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Thanks to all of you for reading.  Have a great weekend.


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