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5-Bullet Friday

Posted by Kevin Gulley

Apr 1, 2016

Here’s are a few recommendations to kick off your weekend:

  • Five_bullets.pngNot a Big Fan of the Goggles, but the immersive craziness of Microsoft’s Holo Lens is making me consider donning a pair.  Watch this video starting at about the 7 minute mark.  Can’t wait to see how this makes its way into the enterprise (and how quickly the goggles get smaller and less absurd).
  • An Interview Worth Listening To:  A fascinating conversation with Chip Pickering, former Congressman and now CEO of INCOMPAS, the telecommunications association focused on lobbying for competition in the telecom, internet and broadband marketplace.  Find out where he sees the industry headed and the upcoming legislation and regulatory statutes that are going to impact the space.
  • Nerd Watch:   A couple of notes on the Superhero front.  A few weeks ago, I encouraged you to go see Deadpool, because it was laugh out loud funny from beginning to end.  It just broke the all-time box office record for an R-rated movie.  You’re welcome Ryan Reynolds.  Second, every review I’ve seen about Batman v Superman just can’t believe what a jerk Superman is portrayed as by director Zach Snyder.  What, we don’t have enough problems...now Superman is an ass?
  • A Show I Wish I Was Going To: UC Expo is coming up on April 19th and 20th in London.  Not only does it have a great conference line up and all the major players in Europe exhibiting, but I’d love to hang out in London for a week.  Here’s a link to register if you can make it.

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Thanks to all of you for reading.  Have a great weekend.


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