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Stay informed on the latest business continuity news and how to leverage unified communications technology to keep your workers safe, productive and engaged.
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How Education is Continuing By Using Video Conferencing and Collaboration to Enable Distance Learning

It seems like everything has changed from classroom education to remote classrooms, video streaming, and group meetings. Let's look at those impacts.

Has the Workplace Been Forever Changed by COVID-19?  Broadsoft’s Founder Shares His Perspective

Broadsoft founder Michael Tessler took some time to reflect on the nearly two decades he invested in transforming the communications industry.

Improving Productivity for Remote Workers: Top Tips for #WFH

Driven by an effort to keep employees as productive as possible while working from home, here are our 21 tips for working from home.

Infographic: UC and Telework

This infographic provides data about the state of Telework in the time leading up to March 2020.

The Learning Journey

A guest writer with The UCBuyer would like to give some advice about how to properly train your employees to use new services and products.

How to Drive Participation and Engagement with a Remote Workforce

The workplace may be changing, but you can still engage with your remote workers in ways that can keep you in charge of a productive team.
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