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2019 Year In Review

Take a look back at the best articles from 2019 as we prepare to look forward to 2020.
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How To Miss An Opportunity by Asking the Wrong Questions

One way that people miss opportunities is by asking the wrong questions.

Why Everybody Needs a Hosted Contact Center

If you can correctly balance overflow (too many calls) with abandonment (customers who wait too long and hang up) you can make the most of your customer-facing employees.

How The Cloud Changed Everything

Clark Peterson, board member of Cloud Communication Alliance, talks about how the telecommunication world has changed as the cloud started to become more omnipresent.

The Evolving Role of the CIO

A company’s Chief Information Officer has a lot on its plate and always has. But unlike other C-suite titles, it seems like this one’s role changes every quarter.

How to Grow in the Industry (Whatever That Industry May Be)

Regardless of what you sell, customers are the key to growth. Retention and recruitment are key strategies for growth, so let's discuss some tactics to help your business grow.

What should Avaya VARs do next?

With Avaya securing the merger with Ringcentral, what should VARs who use Avaya be prepared to do?
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