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The Rise of Collaboration Spaces and the Next Generation Workplace

Open office spaces are taking over.  How are companies designing these spaces to ensure their employees are as happy and productive as possible?  Hint: It's all about providing spaces and technology for collaboration and concentration.

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What Managers Need to Know About Cloud Based Call Recording

Call recording has been a component of office phone lines for decades. Useful for gathering information about the calls themselves, and to do quality assurance checks on employees that represent your company, call recording provides a mechanism to go back in time and review an interaction.

How Leaders Utilize Unified Communications Solutions to Enhance Interoffice Communication

Despite the constant barrage of emails you receive on a daily basis, businesses still need telephones. The ability to provide instant contact with a human voice in a two-way manner that telephones offer is still unbeatable by other communication forms.

How Administrators Use Psychology With Auto Attendants

Auto attendants are intended to be a method of directing calls through a menu so the caller picks the best path for their need. An announcement will be given that should instruct the color of their options, and then they can pick the most appropriate one, but sometimes people are impatient.

How Effective Leaders Reclaim Time with Technology

Mobility refers to any application developed for a mobile device that facilitates business outside of a typical office environment. By using the portable power found in modern smartphones, a lot of the work that just a few years ago could only be done on a PC can be done in the palm of your hand.

The UCaaS Salesman’s Guide to Perceived Value

Perceived value is when we expect a product to have a certain price range because it offers us a certain value. When goods or services are radically lower than this perceived value, we begin to fabricate in our minds everything that could be wrong with such a low priced product.

Choosing the Best Resource for Training Your Target Audience

Technology is found in every corner of modern life. Technology is abundant, with ever changing systems and processes seemingly proceeding without end. Technology is difficult for some to learn, and each iteration of a new application or device earns another battle with the idea of adoption.

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How To Save Your UC Deployment

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