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Voice in the Cloud - The Benefits for your SMB

Posted by The UC Buyer on Aug 13, 2014


Jabra_Voice_in_Cloud_ScreenshotJabra presents this informative Webinar "Voice in the Cloud: How SaaS Platforms are Transforming the Way SMBs Talk, Collaborate and Work" which details the dramatic growth in Cloud services as well as the benefits and growth potential for small to medium sized businesses.



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Getting Started with UC for Small and Medium Businesses

Posted by The UC Buyer on Aug 12, 2014


Jabra_Webinar-Shifting_to_UCThis Jabra webinar "Shifting to UC for the SMB: the Players, the Market and the Opportunity" answers all the questions you may have about what Unified Communications is and how your business can benefit from applying the new technologies. 



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Why UC is Worth the Investment for the SMB Market

Posted by The UC Buyer on Aug 12, 2014

Jabra teams up with Avaya in this informative Webinar "Avaya on the State of Collaboration in the SMB Market" to let us know why the SMB market is reluctant to switch from traditional telecommunications to UC and what can be done to convince your customers that it is worth the investment.

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The Mindset of the SMB Market in 2014

Posted by The UC Buyer on Aug 12, 2014

Jabra_Webinar-State_of_SMBIn this informative webinar by Jabra, learn how research has shown that the attitude of the SMB customer base has shifted towards mistrust in the post-recession economy. Check out the ways you can modify your approach in order to help your clients comfortably transition into the UC market by watching the Webinar "The State of the SMB: Attitudes Towards Risk, Investment and the Future."





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