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Array Telepresence Announces Revolutionary New Capabilities for Improving Videoconferencing

Posted by The UC Buyer

Nov 17, 2015

Also announces new YouTube video showing real-time comparison between Array and a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera

WEST CHESTER, November 18, 2015 – Array Telepresence, the leader in telepresence and videoconferencing image improvement announced three new revolutionary capabilities to its award-winning Equal-i technology: Immersive Everywhere, Immersive PTZ, and Letterbox+Content™. The new capabilities dramatically improve the videoconferencing experience and will be available as a free upgrade to existing customers and standard on all systems in Q1 of 2016.

Array’s DX Camera and Image Processor replace the Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera that comes with most videoconferencing codecs to enable life-size, immersive, dual-screen, wide-format telepresence in regular conference rooms using gear you already own. The Array system is a $15,990 upgrade to an existing or planned videoconferencing system and improves both the scene you send to partners, vendors, and customers and the scene you receive from videoconferencing systems that don’t have Array. The company also announced a new video showing the improvement Array delivers over existing Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera technology in real-time at: https://youtu.be/frMtOQbByH4

Equal-I YouTube Video

Finally, the company announced a series of VIP Sneak Peek demonstrations the week of November 16th-20th for C-Level/VP/Director/Manager-level IT professionals responsible for enterprise collaboration, telepresence, and/or videoconferencing. http://arraytelepresence.com/events/

Short Summary and Pictures of the 3 New Capabilities:

Immersive Everywhere™ – Using a videoconferencing codec with a 1080p data channel, a control system, and switcher Array makes it easy to call any dual screen videoconferencing system with a 1080p data channel and push out Array’s image-improved, dual-screen, life-size, immersive telepresence view even if the other side doesn’t yet have an Equal-i system.  Your executives and subject matter experts look better when conferencing with partners, vendors, and clients and your partners will thank you for amazing them with the best visual collaboration experience they have ever had!


Immersive Everywhere allows you to push out Array’s image-improved, dual-screen, life-size immersive telepresence scene to any dual screen videoconferencing system with a 1080p data channel making your executives and subject matter experts look better on video.  Your partners will like it as well because they can actually see who is talking!
Switch back and forth between dual-screen immersive telepresence and our proprietary single-screen view:
Letterbox+Content for a better data collaboration experience as well. 

Immersive PTZ™ – The industry’s only bi-direction image improvement solution for video communications. Because the Equal-i Image Processor sits between the videoconferencing codec and the displays we have the ability to improve the incoming scene from a conventional videoconferencing system with a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera trained on the center-line of the table even if that location doesn’t have Array.  We use our image improvement technology to improve, scale, and balance the scene across dual displays.  Competitive image improvement solutions including Polycom’s Eagle Eye Director and Cisco’s SpeakerTrack 60 attempt to solve the problem of the most important people in the meeting always having “postage-stamp sized heads” with voice tracking camera technology. They are both “one-way only” technologies, frequently fall down, don’t do anything about visible cameras or imperfect eye-line, and both introduce moving cameras and a constantly changing perspective to destroy any sense of immersion. Equal-i Technology is the industry’s only solution that improves both the scene you are sending and the scene you are receiving including from less sophisticated partners, vendors, and customers still using legacy pan-tilt-zoom cameras.

Immersive PTZ Diagram

Immersive PTZ – The industry’s only bi-directional image improvement.  Left: The unbalanced incoming scene from a remote location that does not have Equal-i technology.  Right: The same scene image-improved by Array’s Immersive PTZ capability and scaled/balanced across both displays creating a wide-format, super-panoramic view. Using Array’s Immersive Everywhere capability, also announced in this release, you can also send the remote side an image improved, dual-screen immersive telepresence view simultaneously!

Letterbox+Content™ – Array’s Proprietary Single Screen View

Letterbox+Content™ – Array’s proprietary single screen view that reduces the dual-screen immersive telepresence view to a single screen and offers a superior view to the Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera especially when going through a video bridge or conferencing with participants on desktops, laptops, and/or mobile devices.  Everyone is more visible and captured from perfect vertical eye-line with a better horizontal gaze angle for all participants. With dual-screen displays and Array’sImmersive Everywhere capability participants can switch between dual-screen immersive telepresence and Letterbox+Content™ for a better data collaboration experience as well.


It’s easy to switch between dual screen immersive telepresence and Letterbox+Content™ and both scenes scale nicely from 4-16+ seats.  The screen on the left is showing 4 participants around a 12-person table that seats 8 for videoconferencing. The data screen on the right is showing a 16-person immersive telepresence room using Array DX Camera, Image Processor and 90 inch displays.


Array Telepresence is the world leader in telepresence cameras and image improvement technology designed to cost-effectively improve the world’s 2,000,000+ videoconferencing rooms. Array Telepresence’s Equal-i Technology enables immersive telepresence in standard conference rooms using an organization’s existing videoconferencing systems. The company’s revolutionary cameras and Image Processor dramatically improve the scene before handing it to the videoconferencing codec. Farthest participants are brought “Up Close and Personal”, eye-line improved, meeting format improved, camera concealed, and the system populates dual displays using a single codec to create a large format view of the remote scene bringing in the eye’s peripheral vision improving the sense of immersion. The company makes it cost-effective to upgrade dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of videoconferencing rooms to immersive telepresence with no impact to the network or video network infrastructure. The company also offers Immersive PTZ™ the industry’s only solution that improves calls bi-directionally uniquely improving the scene coming from conventional videoconferencing systems using Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras. This week the company is holding a “Sneak Peek Week” series of demonstrations for Enterprise C-Level/VP/Director/Manager-level IT professionals responsible for enterprise collaboration, telepresence, and/or videoconferencing – November 16th-20th where they will be demonstrating these capabilities using videoconferencing. Email RSVP@ArrayTelepresence.com to book a demonstration over videoconferencing.

Array_New_Logo_Comp_8Contact: Howard Lichtman, C2O

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