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Security Concerns Driving Businesses, Service Providers Towards Virtual SBC's

As more businesses migrate to cloud-based communications, whether Skype for Business Cloud PBX or a UCaaS platform, protecting the communications network becomes an immediate concern.  Every...Read more

Are GPUs the Answer to Scaling Media Processing in the Cloud
Why Small Businesses Should Switch to SIP Trunks

Here at The UC Buyer we’ve talked about SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and SIP Trunking many times.  We covered the basics, the fact that the SIP Market is growing like mad and expected to...Read more

Testing the Readiness of Your Network Prior to UCaaS Deployment

  Over and over at The UC Buyer we have heard that one of the biggest risks to Cloud-based UC is a corporate network that is not up for the job.  In this detailed podcast with Stephen...Read more

Virtual SBC and SBCaaS Options: The Market is Coming Into Focus

Companies are moving towards Network Function Virtualization (NFV) in a big way.  NFV is an initiative undertaken by companies and communications service providers (CSPs) to virtualize the...Read more