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Talking About Collaboration

Advanced Collaboration and Seamless Video Are Finally Here, Podcast Interview with the CEO of CafeX
Getting Back to High-Touch, High-Value Customer Care

The world just seems to move faster every year, so it is no wonder that many of us yearn for simpler times.  This certainly is the case when it comes to customer service.  I’ve had so many...Read more

How Technology is Bringing Companies and Customers Closer with Customer Experience Management - #Podcast

    Customer Experience Management (CEM) is quickly becoming a strategic imperative for brands in a multitude of industries.  And it's no wonder, with a recent report stating that...Read more

4 Types of Workspaces Businesses Are Providing to Maximize Employee Engagement & Productivity
What Kind of Collaborator Are You? Enterprise Collaboration Podcast with PGi

Have you ever considered what your collaboration style is?  What about your colleagues or your boss?  In this podcast interview with Leo Tucker, Global Vice President of Marketing at PGi,...Read more

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